Our health is our most valuable asset - vaccination rate at Risse almost complete

"The Risse company has achieved a 96% vaccination rate among a total of 160 employees* in the workforce; we are particularly proud of this. This high rate could only be achieved by the willingness of every single employee to be vaccinated", Managing Director Hans-Gerd Tix is pleased to say. The health of our employees is very important to us. That's why we think it's important to make vaccination as easy as possible for everyone. We are therefore continuing to offer vaccination to our workforce and are also making it possible for employees who have previously been fully vaccinated to receive an early booster vaccination through our company doctor. The vaccination campaign is also offered to family members - because the protection of our employees, their relatives as well as the protection of our customers from infection is our top priority. After all, complete vaccination protection is the best possible precaution against a severe course of corona. We hope that with the increasing vaccination rate in the company, a little more normality can return to everyday (business) life.

January 2015 - New integrated ERP system

Since 5th January 2015, a new and highly integrated ERP system is in use at Risse & Co. The system describes the entire value chain from quotations to financial concerns. It will help and simplify our business processes by delivering improved transparency and the opportunity of data evaluations from now on.

The ERP system will support us to meet the increased requirements and expectations of our customers and furthermore to transfer their requirements and expectations into more economical products and results. Simultaneously the respective IT hardware and infrastructure (e.g. new fibre optics) had been renewed to enable adequate security and velocity for data handling, transport and protection.

October 2014 - New machines

To stay focused to market needs we have expanded our injection molding equipment by two new moulding machines from Arburg with a clamp force of 350 KN. Both machines are designed to process high performance plastics and are equipped with extensive periphery.

August 2014 - LED found its way into Risse

As part of our ongoing effort to improve energy efficiency, we have changed over from conventional lighting to highly efficient LED lighting technology in all our offices as well as in our outdoor and production areas.

August 2014 - Start of new apprentices

Professional education has always been a priority at Risse & Co. and has a long-term tradition. This year 5 new apprentices started their professional career at Risse & Co. They were cordially received by the Technical Manager Mr. Tix on 1st August 2014. They will be qualified as process mechanics in plastics technology and as toolmakers. Both professions are important for a sustainable success of Risse & Co.

April 2014 - Project launch for our new ERP system

As the no. 1 investment of the last years, Risse & Co. has decided to replace its existing EDP-assisted system for an new and integrated ERP system until 1st January 2015.

January 2014 - Risse & Co. extends management

Because of continuously increasing tasks and more extensive duties of the executive board, the management of Risse & Co. will be extended. Mr. Hans-Gerd Tix has started on 1st January 2014 alongside of Oliver Olk, who has hold the solely administration of business since January 2011 and who has led and developed the corporation successfully. Together they are going to enhance the successful business history of the Risse.

August 2013

Even in 2013 we invest in equipment and technology. Beside to an ARBURG S270S and an ARBURG 720S (Implementing in spring 2014), another ARBURG 570S has been taken into operation. A device for handling and additional periphery completes the investment. The company is now equipped with 53 injection moulding machines in a range from 25 to 650 tons clamp force.

August 2013 - Start of new apprentices

Like each passing year, young professionals started their vocational education at Risse & Co.. Whether as industrial business management assistant, process mechanics in plastics technology or toolmaker; due to the valuable education at Risse & Co. they are laying the foundation of posterior achievements in their working life.

July 2013 - CAE/Simulation Software

For a few years there has been "simulation" at Risse & Co We have expanded our simulation capabilities and invested in some more software modules to improve the predictability of parts and process behaviour and to advise our clients more efficient.

October 2012 - Risse & Co. 4th customer day

This year's topic of the 4th customer day at Risse & Co. was on difficulties with knit lines at compression-loaded plastic parts. The speakers presented state-of-the-art information on this subject. Like in recent years a visit of Europe's biggest ballooning festival, the Warsteiner Montgolfiade, closed the event in the evening.

July 2012

This year, as in every year, we invest in our train of machines. A state-of the-art and highly productive wire eroding machine supports us in toolmaking so that we can respond to customer needs effectively and flexibly. Simultaneously, batch production at the injection moulding shop is being continually broadened and kept to the state-of-the art by the purchase of further ultra-modern injection moulding machineries.

March 2012

High-performance plastics are coming out on top even in medical engineering, although requirements are especially high in this area. For this reason, we focus on a material called PEEK for the manufacturing of the dental treatment device "Vector"'s tool holder. Peek is resistant to chemicals and temperature, can be sterilized and withholds strong mechanical resistances. All these quality characteristics are fundamental conditions for a successful collaboration with Risse.

October 2011

This year again our customers's panel took place within the framework of the 21st International Montgolfiade in Warstein. Top-class speakers and some of Risse's experts talked in front of selected clients about the latest information regarding high-performance plastic material. After a concluding lively discussion the group went to the Montgolfiade VIP tent together. Unfortunately, the weather was not as good as desired. Because of that, the balloon mass starts as well as the “Night-Glow“ had to be cancelled. So the day was brought to an end with a rich buffet dinner and an enjoyable get-together.

July 2011

In order to be able to meet our customers' sophisticated demands now and in the future, we have expanded our Sales Team. Mr. Gabriel Musio is being trained at the moment to advise and support our clients' projects constructively on his own in the future. After technical and commercial education, Mr. Musio has now gained 10 years of experience in sales of technical plastic components. This makes him a perfect match for our existing team.

March 2011

We keep on investing in most modern technology to continuously fulfill our customers' demands. So we started running two new and fully equipped Arburg injection moulding machines for processing high-performance materials. This and our most modern peripherals assure advanced batch production for the future.

October 2010

Our new website proved to be a great success! It has been awarded with the third place in the category "Communication B2B" at the "S�dwestfalen Awards". The judges evaluated the overall appearance, the imagery, the image presentation and its connection to the functional area. Together with our partner agency Dixeno GmbH we feel very happy and honored about this prize.

March 2010

As a sustainable production company it is important for us to invest in the strategic management and development of our intellectual capital (human resources, structures and relationships).Therefore we developed a Wissensbilanz - Made in Germany, which will be used as our management instrument from now on. This intellectual capital report helps us to increase our strengths and invest into the sustainability of our company.

January 2010

This month we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Risse & Co GmbH. On December 24th 1959, the first injection molding asset was delivered to a private home. In January 1960, this machine produced the first household products. The production of technical parts and machine elements also started in the early ages of our company. Today our 50 injection molding assets manufacture highly sophisticated parts, out of high performance material.

January 2010

In January 2010 our company has been certified with DIN EN ISO 9100:2003. After being certified with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 already many years ago, the latest certification underlines that Risse Co & GmbH continuously strives to improve its quality standards, never standing still. We constantly work on advancing our quality approach in order to serve our clients in the best way.